Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Birthday Weekend...

Doing the duty

Well, what a busy weekend it was. Master T turned the ripe old age of 12 and being such a kind Mummy that I am, his desire was for a sleepover so.... done! He invited 4 friends and 3 arrived with one having succumbed to the dreaded 'gastro' the night before (good thing it wasn't Saturday night hey?)

So, Master T and I put our heads together and came up with a bike ride to town, a water gun fight in the park (that would take care of the showers I thought), pass the parcel (go figure), dinner at a Chinese restaurant, more games and 2 movies. Sound good? It went more or less to plan...

I took the 4 boys on the bike ride, with the dog and am very pleased to report it was incident free!!! Yay!! I was going to pack the first aid kit but decided to chance it. I even whizzed up to the local bookshop while they were having a Slurpee and bought a book to welcome my new nephew and a book for his brother for being a new big brother, had them gift wrapped and got them home in one piece!! Talk about multi-tasking!

The restaurant was a hit and they were so well behaved. They could order whatever they wanted to as long as they ate it so 4 x satay chicken and friend rice it was. Table manners were beautiful too. A lady at another table congratulated them on their behaviour and wanted to know if they were all mine as they were so alike! One is enough I think.

Master T wanted a BMX bike cake so I ordered a sponge from the local grocery store for $10. It was h-u-g-e and took a whole packet of icing sugar and a whole tub of butter to ice. See for yourself in the photo when he is blowing out the candle. The last boy went to sleep at 2am, mine was the first at 11.30pm! He was disappointed about that.

All in all it was a great birthday apparently. The last before he is a teenager. How time flies!
This really takes the cake - so to speak

Paryt bags
Clue for one of the games
Pass the parcel being compiled with prizes for the action quiz
Bike ride - everyone has their teeth. Phew!
Bit of rock climbing
Morning after the night before

 Ciao for now...



  1. Great job, mum. What wonderful memories you are creating.

  2. ahhh another milestone and you survived a slumber party - the one frontier I have not ventured near, big parties, sleep overs of one yes but not the slumber party!

    He is just beautiful M! Really lovely - btw - 12 goes nice and slowly but such a shock when you collide with 13 . But you know this now don't you xxxxxx

  3. Oh the sleep over where they go to sleep at some early hour of the morning and wake only hours later - many great memories from my boys. thank you for sharing this post.


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