Friday, 30 March 2012

No Direction...

We have had a bit of 'Teenage Trauma' this week. Well, for a while now.


No 'One Direction'  tickets.....

Very traumatic


Our best friend managed to potentially obtain a ticket. In another city. Which involves an airfare, accommodation and the need for parental supervision.


Our parents wouldn't let us go. For a variety of reasons...

Mostly because we are 13

She has such passion, such extremes

We understand, support, explain...

But still say a gentle 'no'

Ciao for now... 



  1. Ah, its tuogh being a teenager, they always think they are much more grown up & capable than they actually are & that parents are mobile ATM's with a never ending cash supply...Love it!!1

  2. We had that scenario x2 in our home as there are two girls who have been bitten by the OD bug.

    Although I must say that I was most impressed with the younger of the two who on Thursday night said "I don't really care about One Direction anymore, "Hunger Games" is WAY better.".

    So in a couple of weeks the truism of "This too shall pass." really did come to pass!

    Happy weekend!


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