Monday, 11 June 2012

Love Is In The Air...


Master T has a twinkle in his eye. So do a lot of his class according to his teacher.


"How was your day" I say when he comes home from school

"Good. I think some girls like me. They think I am funny and laugh at my jokes". Apparently he has a choice of 3 or 4.


Master T is a bit of a cutie. And, having an older sister, he quite easily chats to girls. No awkwardness, the conversation flows. Miss T has very nice friends and they include him in when hanging out. Sometimes much to Miss T's disgust.

Master T has had girlfriends. More than I know apparently. He can be a shall we say?, ruthless at times. In my eyes. Maybe I am out of touch but it seems "you're dropped" can't be easy no matter what age you are. So, we had a talk. About why he wanted a girlfriend. Again. You see I banned him last year after an ongoing off/on/off/on.... Situation. His girlfriend at the time would ring every evening. He was quite incensed that she wanted to talk to him. He told her it was "plain creepy". So, I banned him. I'm not sure if I was 11 I could cope with being told I was creepy.

"Why do you want a girlfriend? Why can't you just have friends you go to the movies with?"

"Because I like girls and you can't stop me"

"Oh yes, I think I can. What do you think it means to have a girlfriend?"

"It means you can kiss and hold hands and stuff"

"What does 'stuff' mean?" (well, you need to ask these things. The conversations I have with his sister makes me suspicious of potential things grouped together under one word)

"Well, you know, talk and laugh" phew!

"How are you going to afford to take a girlfriend to the movies?"

"Oh I won't be paying for her, she will pay for herself" oh really, chivalry IS dead apparently.

"When you went out with this girl before, you were pretty mean to her. What makes you think that won't happen again and that it is no way to treat girls, telling their friends to tell her she is dropped"

"Oh Mum, that won't happen. I was young then. And silly. We were young and silly"

"That was only last year"

 So, apparently he did ask her out and she said yes and he is very happy. When are they going out? No plans as yet but they are a couple apparently.

Perhaps it is all I can cope with at this stage: a girlfriend you don't talk to, pay for or go out with.

Hmmm, sounds definitely like love...

Ciao for now...



  1. LOL, my 9 yr old is also a ladies man & we have some pretty funny conversations on the matter. I think he likes to always have a girlfriend so he has someone to show off to!!!!

  2. ROFL!!! This really cracked me up. Mr Ango has just had his first dumping this year...poor thing, on Facebook too. He is totally off girls now and takes solace in the basketball courts at lunch now. Good to define "stuff" I should say.!


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