Thursday, 30 August 2012


Last Saturday I had the rare experience of being by myself. Miss T was at a sleep over and my boys were out riding their bikes in an indoor playground. So, it was just me. And the dog. We decided to go and visit my parents who live just down the road. You may remember that my another has dementia and sometimes it is easier if I go and visit alone. Easier for all.


That is the way it is

So I arrange to have dinner at my parents. Sometimes I bring takeaway, or sometimes we go out but this week my Dad asked me what I would like and he would cook it.

Hmmm. Big decision that!

So, I opted for a nice beef casserole. My favourite! My Dad gets the meat so incredibly tender. I did let him know that he could choose between that and my other favourite which is his version of chilli con carne.

Double yum!

We spend a lovely few hours chatting and eating casserole followed by a nice, sweet baked apple that tasted creamy and sort of fizzy.
Here are the pictures below as proof:

Oh, did I mention that I got a nice big container of chilli con carne to take home.
Ahaha, he is so good to me!
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  1. I love sweet dads. Mine is here visiting for 10 days.


    1. Have fun with your Daddy. They are very special!

  2. Wow, thanks Dad! What a great treat for you, Martha!


  3. Yummo, Martha. What precious family time. Thanks for linking up with the POTMC, my friend. J x


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