Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Holiday at Home...


This year I have been searching, searching for a nice place to go on holidays over Christmas. The Silver Fox has been away soooooooooo long that we all need a good relax together.


I can't justify spending that much money for a few days


I investigated going out to lunch on Christmas Day.


One posh hotel chain wanted....... $940. Just for lunch( 3 adults and 1 child). All-righty-then. Hmmm, spend a month's groceries on 1 meal? I don't think so.


A holiday at home is what I propose and will enforce, I mean, coordinate, for us all. This will include ...... Ahem....
*Stand up paddle boarding
*Boogie boarding
*Trip to a theme park
*Go to Byron Bay for the day
*Picnic at the creek
*Visits to the off-leash park for the pooch
*Trip to see some local sites
*Dinner out somewhere nice
*Bike riding

So, Internet for ALL will be limited to 1/2 each day and we will be off!

What do you think? We really haven't explored our local area at all since we have been here so I think it is really necessary to drive around and see all the gorgeous sites.

The Silver Fox is back for 2 weeks and then off up north again. That is the way it is unfortunately but we are counting the sleeps until he arrives.

What are you doing for Christmas. Anything new?

ciao for now

just Martha xx
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  1. I think they will moan first and then have the BEST day out - you will love not cooking, you will get home - they will dive for the gadgets and you and foxy will have a nice time with the gadget zombies exhausted in their rooms . CHill the verve my dear! Foxy time!

  2. Sounds fantastic Martha.We will be doing the same here. We write a list each holidays of things to do & slowly tick off something from each person.

    Merry Christmas xoxo


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