Tuesday, 13 January 2015

just Cleaning...

Okay, okay, as you know we are getting the house ready for sale and have been cleaning EVERYTHING!

When I was tackling the oven and reading all the warnings on the label, I decided to go to Dr Google and find an effective, natural way. I couldn't imagine cooking in an oven cleaned with such a toxic product. So much success was achieved with some bicarbonate of soda that I found in my pantry having expired in 2006 ( as kindly pointed out to me by Miss T with a look of disdain across her delicate features!)

So. Here began my quest for natural cleaning. Look, I have always used Enjo but when doing a clean on mass ( 3 lounge suites people, 3! - downsizing remember), I needed something quick and effective. And with 2 asthmatics in the family, the less chemicals the better.

I introduce you to the wonders of........... VINEGAR!

What a wonder product. Is there nothing it can't do?

Mixed with some dishwashing liquid and water makes a wonderful spray which saw mould banished from leather, stainless steel shine like there is now tomorrow, corners cleaned and showers sparkle. All with minimal elbow grease I might add.

So people, research the wonders of natural products from your kitchen. No toxic smell, cheap as and no harsh chemicals.

ciao for now

just Martha xx

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  2. Getting a home ready to sale is so much work. How are you holding up?


  3. Ive just caught up on your blog, how exciting, new home, new plans. Sounds like a wise choice though. We have done similar although opting not to build but renovate instead. My hubby is in a job he hates but has a small electrical contracting business as well which he is ramping up to go full time. No point living a life you hate just to have a big house. I am also a fan of vinegar & bicarb for cleaning!! Good luck


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