Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Clever Silver Fox!

Spa in ensuite  Note: Plant is still alive! No flowers yet
I have a clever Silver Fox. I do appreciate him. He is very handy. Very clever. Now the Silver Fox built our house and did a marvelous job. Although he was still running his business at the time so life was a bit busy, hectic, crazy... you get the picture. He was so exhausted but built it to perfection. He does like straight walls and nice finishes! No 'wombas here' (wobbly walls).  We designed the house with the environment in mind. Bedrooms on the east to receive the morning sunshine, bathrooms on the west to take the brunt of the afternoon heat - no cold moldy bathrooms here!! Facing the right way to get the breezes... and so on. Water tank, recycled water for the toilet. High ceilings, in fact very high to give the impression of space and airy-ness. Big windows for light, small windows for breeze, big bedrooms for the ever-changing needs of the Tweenies. Built-in cupboards everywhere and I mean everywhere. Favourite room? My 'Good Room' is the one for me.  Included are some photos of our house...

There were things he really wanted and things I really wanted, so some things were a non-issue and some things were negotiated. He can pick colours in about 5 minutes!! He is a dream like that. Tiles, kitchen benches, paint colours... done and perfect. He chose the doors and they are throughout the house as a sort of warehouse look. I think they are 7 foot and add to the feeling of space in the house. Some slide like the one below and the ones to the media room and bathrooms. Some shut as usual. We also have as spa which fits 4 very easily. This is good because as soon as the water is running it is full of children! No romance for us.  I will show more of the house in future posts and might even do one of those album- thingys when I learn how!!!.... Thank you Silver Fox for being sooooo clever!!!!

Door to garage. Quite tall. This one slides
My f-a-v-o-u-r-i-t-e item: a heated towel rail
Aaahhh, the symmetry. Windows are blue glass

Kitchen... nice and tidy for photo
Pool and water feature with raised hedged gardens... Silver Fox!!
Bathroom children use
Looking out the front door
Looking down the side of the house . Silver Fox again
Art on my bedroom wall
My "Good Room" not really a room at all!. Just a corner
The "Up Room" Another sitting room upstairs

Guest bedroom looking through the mirror. The Librian will notice the cushions are asymmetrical. Sorry

Ciao for now

just Martha


  1. Martha, your house looks beautiful, what a clever siver fox you have !!

  2. How lucky you are! And what a beautiful home you have.

    Everytime I walk down my stairs I notice all the little imperfections of the wall and it drives me CRAZY! (my house is new!)


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