Monday, 6 September 2010


Mine! Mine! Mine!
This is my toolbox. Mine. All mine. In here are all the tools, in one place. My tools. I bought them. No searching. No making-do. I have them all and I know where they are. They are in here. I watch the Silver Fox like a hawk if he uses MY toolbox to make sure he returns all the equipment. I 'do' jobs. Mainly hanging pictures. When I had VJs it was easier. Plasterboard is a bit harder to get right. A girl needs a tool box. Even if it is just to get the job started. Nothing strikes fear into the Silver Fox's heart more than me going to do a 'job',  toolbox in hand. Somehow he takes over and the job is done!!!! He has no idea................ Putty in my hands..........

Ciao for now 

just Martha

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  1. You are so naughty! That phycology course you did created a Jelly Shane!! xx


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